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«Hapki Yusul» Hapkido — is not a sport. It's an art. Korean martial art.

Hapki Usool in Irkutsk

Otrishko Artyom Vasileyvich,
Honorary President of
IRPO Hapki Yusul"

Irkutsk regional public organization "Hapki Usool" school is "Hapki Usool." The phrase "Hapki Usool" emphasizes not only the origin of the Korean system, but also is a tribute to the founder of Hapkido, which is in search of a name for their school initially used this term, the term "Hapkido" appeared later. It's no secret that in many schools Hapkido both in Korea and abroad, the role of Mr. Choi Youn Sol as the founder of this martial art is now diminished. And although it is clear that the modern Hapkido is an integrated system, dynamic and absorbing the best aspects and techniques of various martial arts, one should not forget that it was Grandmaster Choi Yong Sol gave his students the techniques and movements of the base on which it was possible development of. Appliances of school Hapki Usool taught practically in the form in which it gave to his disciples late founder Hapki.

Introducing a new technology arsenal elements followers school Hapki Usool not forget that the main criterion for selection methods is their effective implementation.
That's why the distinctive feature of this style of Hapkido is the small amplitude drop contender and tough perform and painful shocks while maintaining characteristics of the system of circular motions.

In addition,  Hapki Usool visit card is to work with resisting opponent. Appliances receptions in this case is not so spectacular as in the demonstrations, but are very effective and applicable in fight. Much attention is given to training in striking technique in its full arsenal, with virtually no limitations inherent in combat sports.